We are happy to give you a full overview of our educational programme. By introducing different ways of teaching, the European Lettering Institute tries to meet contemporary learning needs: Whether you are looking for a weekend workshop, attend our annual spring/summer school or sign up for a long term professional training.

We offer a foundation course, a postgraduate and specialisation course in calligraphy, handdrawn and digital lettering design.

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“Having always had strong links with the European Lettering Institute, it remains one of my favourite places to spend time, connecting with their students. …  Open to discussion and experiment they all enthusiastically apply themselves to the task in hand and I’d like to think the enjoyment they gain in the process is evident in their drawings over the two days of a workshop …”

– Phil Carter – Lecturer workshops – United Kingdom, London –


What is ELI for me: ELI is a great course, ELI is wonderful, amazing, generous, intelligent and capable teachers and students. ELI is the perfect combination between serious learning and going through with it in a fun and easy going way. ELI is what I expected and more…”

– Josefina Quiroga – Student pro – Argentina, Buenos Aires –


“Guider les étudiants dans un échange creatif entre l’image et la lettre, la pensée en la culture. Protéger le patrimoine et l’artisanat traditionnel. Offrir des possibilités les yeux ouverts. Jamais rester coincé dans les modèles mais les utiliser comme une base solide pour de nouvelles recherches. En tant qu’enseignant à l’Institut, je fais partie d’une fluctuation constante dans ce paysage des caractères  offert par L’European Lettering Institute..”

– Carry Wouters – intervenant et membre du conseil de direction – Belgique, Brasschaat –