The European Lettering Institute is a private course, run by lettering professionals who all have a profound passion for passing on their knowledge and expertise. We continue to have our own design studios and when possible, we get students involved in commissions or actual jobs. We are convinced that a long term lettering training in a real design environment is a unique way to prepare a new generation of lettering designers. Through guided creativity we lead the student into creative independence.


After graduating as a MA in Business management, I trained as a professional lettering artist at the Scriptorium de Toulouse, Bay Area –USA and University of Reading. I have been working as a freelance designer as well as a teacher in higher education for over 25 years, exhibiting personal lettering work in Europe and overseas.

Words and letters are the soul-food of my life. Melding idea and gesture together into a visual language, experiencing the tactility of material substance or object, are my daily inspiration. My years of experience as a calligraphy teacher and lettering artist, together with my curiosity and deep respect for tradition and letterform remain my solid base to fall back on when working with letters, be they manual/digital, historical or contemporary as well as my personal work and teaching.

After graduating from Art College I discovered the beauty of letters carved in stone and spent the next three years as an apprentice in lettercarving. I completed my training in Studio XII, studying with other professional lettercarvers. I have my own studio where I work as a freelance lettercarver and where I occasionally teach.

Guest lecturers

We firmly believe that inviting guest lecturers adds something special to the course. Every year, we organize a few workshops related to the lettering arts, where professionals from different parts of the world share their expertise with our students. This coming year, we have the pleasure of welcoming calligrapher Diane von Arx (USA), calligrapher Sue Hufton (UK) and letter carver Robbie Schneider (UK) to our institute.